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Introduction to Stewarding

Introduction to stewarding - 3 day course


What is a ped barrier? Ingress? Egress? The last mile? What can you do as a Steward or an Event Steward to assist with these sitiuations? 


Starting a new job can be intimidating, so we've designed this course to help you understand what a Steward's actual responsibilities are. By giving you and your team the knowledge and assurance you need, let us relieve you and your team of the pressure that working events can carry.


The objective of this course is to ensure all new members of staff are provided with the knowledge, skills and understanding of how to be an effective steward. This course will cover the following…


  • Assisting with the movement of spectators
  • Dealing with crowd issues at events
  • Managing and resolving conflicts
  • Dealing with incidents at spectator events
  • Supporting the work of the team and organisation


After completing this course, you will have the tools and confidence to work as an effective steward at events and festivals.

Introduction to Stewarding

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