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Top-Up Qualification: Working as a Door Supervisor - Southsea

Top-Up Training for Door Supervisors

The SIA has introduced new, updated security qualifications starting from 1st April 2021.


Why is this change happening?

The private security industry is increasingly recognised as providing an important role in the protection of the public. This recognition brings scrutiny, and it is more important than ever that the industry maintains and improves its standards.


The SIA have updated their qualifications to reflect the current risks that a licensed security operative may come across in their work. It is important that all licence holders have the knowledge and skills to deal with common risks, especially in safety critical areas.


The introduction of this training is to ensure that security professionals within the private security industry can:

  • keep the public safe
  • follow new working practices
  • understand recent changes to the law
  • make the best use of new technology

Renewing your licence

From 1 October 2021, if you have one of the older licence-linked qualifications you must have a ‘top-up’ qualification to be able to renew your licence.

This applies to any renewal applications submitted on or after 1 October.


New requirement: first aid training

The SIA now also require applicants for a door supervisor or security guard licence to have a first aid qualification if you are renewing your licence.

The qualification must be an Emergency First Aid at Work qualification or equivalent.

The requirement for first aid training will improve your skills as an SIA licence holder. It will not change the obligations you have when responding to an emergency. Your certificate must have at least 12 months left on it for it to be valid.


If you need to include first aid with your training, please click on our Emergency First Aid at Work course link to book your place on both courses.


All learners must be 18 years and over and be competent in reading, writing, speaking and listening equivalent to Functional Skills Level 1 in English.


More relevant course material

The Door Supervisor Top-Up qualifications includes new sector-specific content:

· Updated terror threat awareness

· dealing with emergencies

· new material on the use of equipment such as body worn video recorders

· physical intervention skills refresher training (knowledge and practical)

· knowledge around critical incidents eg. where to access government guidance on pandemic responses


The Door Supervisor top-up training will be assessed by 3 short exams (door supervisor knowledge, terror threat awareness and physical intervention knowledge) plus a practical physical intervention assessment.


There is also a requirement for some self-study in advance of the course which involves e-learning on Action Counters Terrorism and completion of a short e-workbook.


How long is the course?

The Door Supervisor top-up training is a 2-day course running from 9am-5.30pm


How far in advance of my renewal date can I complete the top-up training?

You can renew your licence 4 months before your existing licence expires.


Please be advised that as part of the practical assessments for the top-up course, all learners will be required to take part in role play scenarios that need to be filmed to demonstrate that you have met the requirements of the qualification.


Top-Up Qualification: Working as a Door Supervisor - Southsea

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