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How are you doing right now?

These are strange times we are currently living in and for many people it will be a time of fear and uncertainty. While it is true that there are lots of things we can’t control right now, that doesn’t stop us from taking control of ourselves and what we do.

With more time on your hands, now is the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate your life – whether you are working from home, self-employed and not sure what will happen next for you or retired - think about what training you need to get your dream job, change your career, get promotion or simply learn a new skill. Because learning is fun, right?

We are a small business and we are having to change how we do things. Our training is classroom based and we love the personal feel of our small groups and getting to work with our lovely learners. But our priority is keeping people safe and following government guidelines, so we can’t meet up with anyone just yet.

So, if you can’t come to the course, then we will bring the course to you! We are working hard on our new programme of online courses, and the good news is that these will launched very soon!

We are here to help - just remember to think positively, take a deep breath and look forward to your new life.


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